Vale do Homem

Vale do Homem

The goal was clear: to create a label where quality is reflected; the quality of the wine! Since the very beginning, we found in Quintas do Homem a very unique, traditional and beautiful granary with a Christian cross known as "the cross of the four evangelists". The cross itself have a powerful and positive meaning, proclaiming good news and driving away the bad ones.

The perfect design was reached with the perfect label cut and a unique cross, creating a particular texture in a beautiful pattern with a graphic illusion (depending on the viewing distance). And to have the absolute symbiosis, a proper wine-label paper was selected to preserve the graphic elements when the bottle falls down into fresh water and ice. Even the color scheme was examined; each of the colors play together in a perfect harmony, a last and precise touch to bring this label to life.


Quintas do Homem



Vale do Homem Vale do Homem Vale do Homem Vale do Homem Vale do Homem Vale do Homem